The history behind DANDERS & MORE lawfirm

More than just a law firm

The desire for being innovative in a professional landscape sculpted by tradition and theory has been the motivation behind DANDERS & MORE from the beginning. Today, DANDERS & MORE is a recognised business partner, combining expert knowledge, legal advice and service cross borders. The company is domiciled in Copenhagen and has offices in two of the world’s financial hot spots, London and Zug in Switzerland.

A name says more than a thousand words

Brand name value is credibility based on track record and a reputation for getting the job done. Legal skills alone do not differentiate us from the competition from international providers of legal advice at top level. A brand in itself should immediately trigger recognition among potential clients and identify you in the market. A unique story behind the name contributes to this immediate recognition.

In 2006, Anders M. Hansen and Dan Terkildsen chose to leave the partnership in a large international law firm to set up their own boutique law firm in Copenhagen. The brand name should be in line with the international client base established by the two partners, and it should also reflect the values and the commitment the clients characterised them by.

Therefore, Dan and Anders became DANDERS.

However, the company is much more than the two founding partners. It is all of the employees, the values and the commercial approach to delivering high-level legal advice, which makes us able to deliver MORE to our clients.

Our brand says it all in just one sentence: