Employment law

DANDERS & MORE advise on all aspects of the employment law; drafting of employment contracts, bonus schemes or other remuneration schemes, such as option programmes, warrants or phantom shares. We also handle notices of termination and severance agreements, for both employer and employee, just as we handle all correspondence for clients against whom a complaint has been made as well as for clients who intend to file a complaint before the Board of Equal Treatment. To have day-to-day contact with both sides of an employment relationship provides us with a significant advantage and in particular with a very good feeling of how to navigate safely through rules and regulations.

Employment disputes

Cases regarding employment may turn into actual disputes, when settlement has proven impossible. It can turn out to be very expensive to make mistakes in relation 

to employments, and we assist by handling the process and the strategic considerations in connection with employment disputes, which are of financial importance, but also often a matter of principle to our clients.


Majken Korsgård Petersen

Majken Korsgård Petersen

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Employment law
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